Welcome to Breakthrough Lens

We are digital storytellers with a strong work ethic and demonstrated success in all aspects of video production and photography.  Passionate about telling stories in a visually compelling way, we enjoy every aspect of the creative process, from listening to a client’s story to envisioning the final product.  

A full-service videography and photography company, we partner with our clients to guide them through the digital production process from beginning to end. Whether you’re a small business-owner, entrepreneur or leading a marketing team for a large company, we know that your day-to-day responsibilities keep you pretty busy. That is where we come in … to ideate, create and bring your ideas to life so you can focus on the things you love.

At Breakthrough Lens we incorporate years of personal and professional experiences to weave the stories that matter to you most. From staying current on the latest imagery and editing techniques to providing solutions on preserving and displaying your prints in your home.  Our goal is to create a finished product that will last generations.

From short vignettes to long-form video to editing content you may already have; every person and business has a story to tell. Not only is it uniquely your own, it fuels the passion for the work you do every day.


To capture a moment that will be taken forward into the future. Our work is about  looking at things with a new perspective, which means you might find us standing on chairs, laying down on the ground or moving around a lot during a session to create the art that we see unfolding and following our curiosity.

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