What Our Clients Say

“Pamela Scott, owner of Breakthrough Lens met with me only twice and captured the essence of our mission in the most beautiful way! Using her expertise she thoughtfully created a work of art that captured my passion for STEM education with our children and remarkably showcased the work that we do on a weekly basis. Thank you so so much for your creative vision and helping share our story!!”

~Chelsea Clark, Owner The STEM Lab

“We were able to “up our game” with Pamela’s video production that was better than anything that we had previously done. Pamela’s creativity and post-production editing made for content that, most importantly, met the needs of our business partners! Thanks Pamela for a great work product!!!”

~Bill Tucker, Executive Director at Flywheel

“Your brilliance knows no bounds! Thank you much for your artistry, your vision, your patience, and for just being so fun and easy to work with! This final product is absolutely wonderful; I am so grateful for your partnership in this project!”

~Jillian Harrison-Jones, Music Director, MUSE Cincinnati Women’s Choir

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